Performance dispersion is a golden opportunity for active investors

Discover how ample the performance dispersion is across stocks and learn how you can profit from it. Every investment universe exhibits a broad performance dispersion.


Whatever is your investment approach and selection strategy you can exploit the performance dispersion existing in your own investment universe. Below you find a few examples.

S&P 500 Investment Universe

2022 Performance Dispersion Facts

Top 25% Performers (Average Return)




Bottom 25% Performers (Average Return)


STOXX Europe 600 Investment Universe

2022 Performance Dispersion Facts

Top 25% Performers (Average Return)




Bottom 25% Performers (Average Return)


Below you can find free up-to-date statistics to measure and analyze the dispersion in the markets and sectors of your interest. Next you can learn how to exploit dispersion by discriminating between best and worst performers.

Performance dispersion data

See the dispersion insights at market and sector level below.

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North America

United States


Saudi Arabia
South Africa
United Kingdom


Hong Kong
South Korea

Profit from performance dispersion

What is the performance dispersion?

Dispersion measures the magnitude of stocks price trends and the differential between bull trends and bear trends. Dispersion is a unique opportunity for active investors using the right data and tools to track and capture trends. Being able to identify in time part of the outperformers while avoiding most of the underperformers can guarantee superior returns on a consistent basis, as dispersion is a broad and recurring phenomenon.

Price trends are the result of the combined impact of buyers and sellers for any specific stock. If the aggregated money flow from buyers exceeds the outflow from sellers on a consistent basis then a bull trend is produced. A bear phase happens when the balance is weighted on the sellers side. But how investors decide to buy or to sell? Understanding this is critical. Some investors can be guided by fundamental analysis. This was a key driver of the past. Today the world is more complex. Investors can be influenced by a variety of motivations including social media influence, rapid shifts in sentiment, fast changing economic changes. The big pools of money controlled by large players as sovereign funds can decide to change the allocation on the basis of ESG and other investment policy considerations. And a growing army of momentum players create and fuel trends up and down. So at the end trends are the result of the combination of several forces at work, where traditional fundamental valuations have a decreasing impact.

If you want to capture trends just analyze and measure trends. Common data and tools are ineffective at discriminating bull vs. bear trends. Conventional methodologies and traditional metrics ignore the actual price action, the only thing that counts to exploit trends. Capturing trends requires specific methodologies that can evaluate and rate trends, objectively differentiating between up and down trends, as any other approach misses the point. The most effective methodologies are based on massively tested and well proven mathematical models, as any human interaction can only be a drag due to potential biases, arguable opinions and tricky emotions.

How can you profit from the dispersion inherent in your investment universe?

Discover Trendrating proprietary advanced rating methodology .

Our trend discovery model provides a rating metric to discriminate bull vs. bear trend and to quickly spot trend reversals across stocks with a high level of accuracy.

Why it works?

Our approach works because is agnostic, opportunistic, pragmatic and unbiased, as it is based on a multi-factors AI pattern recognition model that avoids any human interpretation and forecast. Our fresh, innovative data and technology delivers a layer of logical market intelligence whose value is fully transparent and measurable.

Bull trends are identified by positive ratings. Bear phases by negative ratings

A = Strong Trend

B = Beginning of a Bull Trend

C = Inception of a Bear Trend

D = Strong Bear Trend

Upgrades and downgrades signal trend reversals and are notified via alerts.

Trendrating model provides a robust, actionable rating framework that fills a critical gap of market intelligence. The Trendrating model is able to exploit dispersion capturing a large part of the top performers while avoiding most of the underperformers in any investment universe

Trendrating Smart Beta Indices

Discover our smart beta indices, designed to outperform the benchmarks.

Our smart beta indexes beat the most popular benchmarks as the weighting is not based on stereotype market capitalization, but on a smart optimization of the exposure to positive price trends.

The weighting of the stocks is based on a factual, pragmatic process that maximizes the exposure to rising stocks, and reduces the allocation to falling securities on a regular basis.

The discrimination is based on our AI driven, multi-factor trend discovery model used by 200+ institutional clients.

Profit from the performance dispersion across stocks.

Consider using our indices to save fees and increase the returns vs. other conventional products.

Contact us to learn more.

Data below as of July 17, 2023

10 Years Annualized Returns
Trendrating Index Benchmark Performance Trendrating Index Performance Benchmark Differential
France 40 Smart Beta
Cac 40 11,24% 6,13% 5,11%
Germany 40 Smart Beta
Daxx 8.67% 3,71% 4,96%
Italy 40 Smart Beta
FTSEMIB 11,32% 5,52% 5,80%
Hong Kong 75 Smart Beta
Hang Seng 9,53% -1,16% 10,68%
US Tech 100
Nasdaq 100 24,83% 16,99% 7,85%
US 100 Smart Beta
S&P 100 14,44% 10,43% 4,01%
US 500 Smart Beta
S&P 500 14.65% 10,01% 4,64%
Switzerland 20 Smart Beta
SMI 9,76% 3,47% 6,29%
Europe 50 Smart Beta
EURO STOXX 50 10,98% 4,60% 6,38%
Europe 600 Smart Beta
Stoxx Europe 600 12,39% 4,27% 8,12%

Evidence of accuracy

Our 200+ clients use Trendrating advanced analytics to gain critical insights and profit from performance dispersion. Here you find a few links to documented evidence of the effectiveness of Trendrating analytics:

Make trends work for you.

Do not miss profitable opportunities anymore.

Start boosting your investment returns.

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Trendrating is a global leader in the field of advance analytics and trend capture technology. We offer a new, different set of analytics and tools to measure performance dispersion and rate price trends, filtering out market noise, arguable opinions and disputable research. Serving more than 200 institutional customers globally, our proprietary methodologies are used as part of their investment decision-making process in wealth management, private banking, advisory and hedge fund fields to maximize returns and better control risks. Our key strategic partners include Bloomberg and Euronext.


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